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Why Choose Oshio?

Why Choose Oshio?

Why choose OSHIO?

1.  Small size class: The instructors and staff at Oshio believe students learn better with lots of opportunity for one on one instruction and interaction. Our smaller class sizes allow more time for instructors to answer the student’s individual questions and concerns. This also gives students more opportunities to work with patients in the student clinic.

2.      Oshio provides high quality instructors, with many years of experience in working as a doctor at at clinic or hospital and teaching in TCM university or college in China and Canada.  Among them, Dr. Ganglin Yin has published 5 herbal medicine and acupuncture books in Chinese and in English  and he is famous in TCM and acupuncture fields around the world.

3.      Best curriculums to meet any challenge.

4.      Enroll students 3 times a year.  You can take Summer off or not according to your own idea. If you spend your summer time with a semester of study, you can finish a 3-year program within 2 years, 4-year program within 2years and 8 months and 5 years within 3 years and 4 months.

5.       High satisfaction rate from present and past students, graduates and instructors

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