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         Oshio College is hosting a NADA acu-detox clinic on Tuesday evenings during the month of July. The NADA protocol has been well documented as an effective course of treatment for addictions, mental health and PTSD. The main effect is that of stress relief, and tonification of the Kidney Yin.

The community clinic is open Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 pm, during the month of July 2014. The cost is Free.

If the NADA clinic is popular, and proves to be of benefit to the community, Oshio will host the NADA clinic during the September to December semester, as well.

The NADA acu-detox protocol involves the insertion of very tiny, sterile needles into fixed points on the ears. There is sometimes a moment of sharp discomfort as the needles are inserted, but then, there is often a wave of calmness and peace that washes through your body.

The community clinic features a circle of chairs, upon which the participants sit quietly in a circle. There is a brief consent to treatment form to fill out, but there is no lengthy intake procedure, and no requirement to discuss one’s personal condition.

It is therefore very effective in helping those suffering from PTSD, as well as chronic stress.

Please join us in healing and happiness!

Oshio NADA team.


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